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Meet the Team

At Terra2 Vacation Rentals, our mission is to redefine group travel with an array of luxurious, spacious properties situated in the Midwest’s most desirable destinations. We are deeply committed to meticulously selecting premier accommodations, delivering exceptional customer service, and creating distinctive, memorable experiences for our guests. Our focus extends beyond providing exceptional stays; we strive to forge lasting memories for every visitor. Equally important, we are devoted to being responsible, respectful neighbors in the communities we are privileged to serve, ensuring our presence enhances the local fabric and fosters positive relationships.

Property Manager/Operations
Managing Partner

Tom Budenz

Tom Budenz is the Owner/Manager at Terra2, spending his days interacting and communicating with guests to ensure an exceptional experience in the company’s properties. He brings to the table 5 years of experience owning and operating short-term rentals, as well as a combined 17 years in hospitality management and finance. With insight and expertise gained over that time, Tom is enmeshed in every aspect of the company, from day-to-day operations, to prepping each home for guests, to scouting new and exceptional properties to add to the Terra2 collection.

Tom grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, and has lived in Green Bay for 10 years. He currently spends his time between Wisconsin and Florida.

Tom Budenz

Tom Krause

As a Terra2 partner working in the operations, marketing and legal side of the company, Tom Krause brings to Terra2 the ambition and innovation he gained as an attorney, entrepreneur and marketing expert over more than a decade. The company thrives on Tom’s deep passion for business and strong track record of successfully scaling operations by optimizing branding, leveraging technology and enhancing operational efficiencies. From the guest perspective, this translates to meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to excellence across all home experiences.

Tom splits his time between Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Outside of work, he has a passion for travel, fitness, and spending time with friends and family.

Thomas Krause

Gabrielle Bailey

I’m Gabrielle, owner of Bailey’s Property Management located in Metro Detroit, MI. I’m a dedicated wife and mother to four energetic boys. With a passion for spending quality time with my loved ones and exploring new destinations, I have found the perfect balance between work and family life. I’m a dedicated and passionate co-host who goes above and beyond to ensure every guest has an unforgettable experience. With my warm and friendly personality, I effortlessly create a welcoming atmosphere, making guests feel instantly at home. I take pride in providing exceptional customer service, promptly responding to inquiries and going out of my way to accommodate special requests. My commitment to my role as a co-host is evident in the glowing reviews left by satisfied guests, who appreciate my attentiveness and genuine care. Whether it’s recommending local attractions or offering insider tips, I always strive to ensure my guests have an enjoyable and memorable experience with Terra2! 

Gabrielle Bailey
Interior Designer

Jenna Cohen

Jenna Cohen is the designer and decorator at Terra2.  Her premiere boutique interior design firm, based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, maintains a contemporary design philosophy, dedicated to style and comfort.  Jenna travels all over the US, specializing in transforming short term rental properties into inviting and functional havens. Each Terra2 property is given unwavering attention to details of furnishings, bedding, lighting and comfort, with the goal of the esthetic and functional satisfaction of every guest.  

While her masters degree was in accounting, she always had a passion for design. Her accounting background helps balance the financial and practical portions of her business. Jenna grew up in South Florida, but travels all over the United States for design. 

Jenna Cohen

Our Story

In 2014, Tom Budenz purchased a unique 1970s property in Green Bay, Wisconsin, featuring an indoor pool. By 2019, leveraging his background in hospitality, Tom discovered Airbnb and saw an opportunity to offer exceptional guest experiences. Initially, he hosted guests only for Packer games while living full-time at the property. The year-round appeal of the indoor pool inspired him to transition from his insurance career to focus entirely on transforming the house into a full-time vacation rental.

Tom added amenities like an arcade, theater room, and pool table, creating an immersive environment. This approach became a model he aimed to replicate. With this objective in mind, Tom Budenz and his friend, Tom Krause, formed Terra2 Vacation Rentals. They aimed to mirror the success achieved with Tom’s original property. Their focus was on finding similarly situated properties – large-scale homes with distinctive features, transforming them into more than just places to stay, but into destinations offering a unique experience for guests.

Under the leadership of Tom Budenz and Tom Krause, Terra2, affectionately nicknamed ‘T2’ in homage to the first names of its founders, made significant strides in 2021. They acquired three properties in their hometown of Green Bay and added an interior designer to the team to enhance the guest experience. As Terra2 ventured into key markets like Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Detroit, Chicago, Rockford, and Cleveland, their commitment to offering more than just accommodations stood firm. Guided by the vision and leadership of Tom and Tom, Terra2 is set on further expanding their unique brand of hospitality throughout the Midwest and beyond.